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17th May 2018
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15th December 2019
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You want your competitors to ask, why them, not us?

Grahame and Ed Balls
  • TaskPositioning You As Industry Leaders

Do you want to see your business and brand in the most popular and prestigious
publications? What about being industry thought leaders? How about being the people that
policy makers go to for industry insight?

Positioning You As Industry Leaders;

Tate Consulting engineering firm has been selected to be part of the 2019 Parliamentary
which demonstrates how organisations have become outstanding leaders in their
field and aims to raise industry standards.

We submitted a 1000-word article on how they have responded to challenges within the
industry, sharing best practice as a template for reform. The Review will be shared with
thousands in their sector, key decision and policy makers. Tate Consulting also get to go to
the prestigious event hosted by co-chairmen Lord Pickles and Lord Blunkett, where they’ll
meet leading executives from a range of industries as well as senior politicians from
Westminster’s past and present.