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As Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft was once quoted: “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.”
9th April 2018
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8th August 2018
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Measuring PR Success

I’m so excited as I think I’ve found a time-saving solution for one of the biggest issues in PR – How to measure success?

Essential tool for measuring PR success

I recently trialed new software called CoverageBook which allows you to create reports you can share with automated metrics including; pieces of coverage, online readership, estimated coverage views, social shares, YouTube views and average domain authority. These metrics allow the PR professional to instantly see campaign successes and failures as well as demonstrating to their clients the results and reach of each piece of coverage, including videos and social media posts.

It’s also pretty reasonable for a monthly subscription, but more importantly than the cost is the ability to easily upload and show all coverage, online and offline, demonstrating that all important return on investment.

Well worth a look, I promise

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